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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Advancing a wee bit faster than I expected...

So just as I discuss the prospects of having chips embedded in our bodies, I find this report that scientists have not only done that, but have figured out how to embed chips INSIDE HUMAN CELLS. I repeat, for those of you as dumbstruck as I was. They have put functioning silicon microchips INSIDE. LIVING. HUMAN. CELLS. As if the fact that they make chips that small weren't bananas enough, they got these cells to survive and continue functioning normally after being stuffed with silicon and transisters. Now, if their theory is correct, they'll be able to program these things to detect and repair cell damage. Just thinking out loud, but I see potential for two things here: immortal red blood cells and cyborg assassin white blood cells.

I think it's time to reboot Osmosis Jones.

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