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Friday, March 5, 2010

Tin-foil hat time!

This is nuts. It appears the planet is well on its way to going poof, what with massive methane leaks, earthquakes shortening days, Texas-sized patches of garbage in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and weird quarks squirting out of a heavy ion collider. Time to blow this pop stand.

I wonder if 2012 will hit the


  1. I wear alot of hats, Kangols, Skull Caps, etc. and just last week I was thinking about how can I protect my head from all the radio & micro waves, bluetooth & Wifi signals.

    I read numerous articles last month how cell phones & cordless phones are doing damage to our health. "Cell phones are the BIGGEST human experiment ever."

    I'm a tech head like you Ramon, but I'm beginning to question if all this technology is making us sick. I've been dealing with vertigo & dizzy spells for the past 2 years. Within that time I've visited numerous doctors & gone through countless tests and no one can give me a concrete answer as to why when I pee, I have to hold onto the sink because my body is rocking like I'm on the Love Boat! It fucking sucks because there are moments where the dizzy spells are so bad, I can't do anything. If anyone really knows me, I'm not the kind of person who sits around and does nothing. Without good health, I'm as good as a paper weight.

    I guess 15 years of being a tech has its ups & downs. Now 37, I'm feeling the downs more than ever with CTS, vertigo & blurry vision. Aye dios mio, I'm feeling old, but not too old :) Anyway, until I can get out, I trek on and make sure I wear my reading glasses, drink my Omega 3s, Vitamin E, MSM pills, sit in a comfortable chair, do my computer & desk stretches, type with an ergonomic keyboard & move my pointer with a trackball while my wrist rests on a gel pad.

    So, do we put tin foil on our heads or do we move to the woods with Henry David Thoreau?

  2. See, the problem with all those articles about the damage from cell phone radiation is that they refer to the same few studies. For every study you find "proving" the dangers of cell phone radiation, you can find 5 disproving them. The debunks so outnumber the proofs that the worldwide consensus remains that cellphones are reasonably safe, despite over a decade of fierce debate.

    Now, this isn't to say that the studies proving the danger are inferior, most of them are legitimate scientific studies with good methodology. So why the discrepancy? I recently read a very good article highlighting the flaws in modern scientific studies that applies pretty well here. The Cliff Notes version: We test so much that our data ends up showing random significance. Scientists will keep testing until they get a statistically significant result they can publish, but unfortunately, that result isn't always right. Hit that link if you want examples.

    So I say damn the torpedoes. Send Thoreau a postcard and make tin foil airplanes, stressing about it one way or the other isn't going to change anything. If the radiation is significant enough to cause real damage, then we're all in real trouble. We're not giving up our cellphones, and the radiation they emit is miniscule compared to the wifi, mifi, gps and rf signals, plus leakage from landlines and power lines, along with TVs, computers, personal media players and portable gaming devices, all of which are everywhere around us. We've already been dosed to hell anyway. I say screw it, there's no turning back now, so let's go full blast. Worst case scenario, we'll invent some bugged out tech glasses that make the world shift and move, that might offset the vertigo.

    On a serious note though, have you ever heard of electro-hypersensitivity? I highly highly recommend you read this article, what you described kinda sounds like how it started for Per. I certainly hope not, though. I can't think of a worse punishment...